Born in southern California, Lori moved to Sacramento with her parents when she was 12. She is self-taught in etching techniques she uses on aluminum and bronze; however, years spent in classical and jazz as a flutist were the beginning creative thought process that she transferred to color and composition. She currently resides in San Diego, California.

“I began my work with etched metal in 2006 while living in Sacramento but when I moved to Maui my work began to reflect images that are very special to me. Because of the amazing holography that different etching techniques produce on aluminum, I was able to create translucent shifting objects such as clouds and water. Creating the etching starts with various tools that I alter so that I can create unique patterns that reflect light and depth. Then I apply various types of paints such as automotive and acrylics and stains to achieve the color. My life will be too short to create everything my heart would like. I daily thank the Lord for His beautiful inspiring creation.”

Represented by Lahaina Galleries in Hawaii and California.